31 December 2011

*VampireQi* Life Of 2011

mOre 3 hOurs! 2011 cOme tO the END.
Spend little time fOr review the blOg pOst in 2011, tOtally 125 pOst. Sure, happy and unhappy memOries was happened On me in this year, but my brain just can cOntain the happy memOries :)

What was changed in 2011? I think just my hair style? LOL
still thinking other hair style...
hOw abOut curl hair? nice?

Freelance jOb, night life, friend birthday celebration, outing... all activities loOk same with last year.
So, what the special experienced and memOries in 2011?

 Yes! went tO Redang Island with my BaOBei men, a great experienced and memOries

 Success climb the BrOga Hill! (cOz it is challenged fOr me T.T)

JOined online LIKE *Earn mOney, nOt cOmpetitOn * Thx my friend whO was suppOrt me that time

Sweet birthday celebratiOn Thx all my pretty gang^^ 

 Nice graduate trip with my classmate which had been tOgether 2 years mOre in Tarc Diploma life.

Yes! we're successful graduated and get the DiplOma cert as well. 

Joined the Nike Run KL 10K! another meaningful activity fOr me.

2011 still treating me as well! I'm lucky girl^^
Family : I can FEEL the lOve althOugh withOut any wOrds.

 BaObei : 温馨+搞怪+疯癫 True friend 

 LaOpO : taught me becOme ladies :)

 JiMui : rude wOrd and eat time with them xD

 BQY : primary classmate until nOw! ady became my family member : Sister! 

 JQWX : secOndary classmate. guess whO will marry in 2012 years? LOL

Brother?知己?书童? Trust

Thanks yOu! they're still beside me as well. Blessing and appreciating.
LOve you you 2011

Lastly, 2012 sure will be anOther best year! Set new target fOr new life!
Happy New Year!

Okie, gOnna Outing cOuntdOwn, lets us enjOy the last few hOur in 2011. 2012 we're ready and cOming!

29 December 2011

Days Of Sista





 Sunway Pyramid BBQ Plaza 吃晚餐,服务态度很差!食物又不好吃。后悔 >,<


 不顾别人眼光,因为 >>> "I believe I can FLY" /.\

 她们在假装“路人甲路人乙” 中


 满意我的拍照技术 :)



*Don't forget our promise, lOve ya

25 December 2011

Merry X'mas

HohohO~~~ Merry X'mas!

Last Christmas, I gave yOu my heart
but the very next day, you gave it away
This year to save me frOm tears
I'll give it tO sOmeOne special

- my favOurite sOng^^

Just watched a mOvie On these Christmas day :) 
Mission Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol

What is my New Year eve plan? I have nO idea. 
I hOpe can gO fOr a trip tO cOuntdOwn 2012, but, I need prepare fOr my final suck Exam which start frOm 3 Jan 2012 ! :(  Why every year the final exam is near the new year eve? 

24 December 2011

X'mas Eve

Hi, HOw yOu all passed yOur X'mas eve? Bf? BBf? Family? Normally we're celebrate with the lOver. Sure, I spend the time with my lOver toO xD I had a rOmantic dinner to celebrated X'mas eve and cOuntdOwn with them. All is prepare and coOked by us (I just wash) haha xD

Full Of rOmantic feel right?
 2 set lamb chOp and fish fillet, mushroom soup, champaign. NOt bad *Crap hand* ^^

We're enjOyed the mOment, although just a simple dinner. After dinner, pillOw talk~ knew me getting mOre?  LOL

Merry X'mas ^^

21 December 2011

Suki-Ya Pre-Christmas@BaOBei

TOnight had a great dinner with my BaObei men. Just a simple dinner tO celebrate pre-christmas. Suki-Ya & Shabu shabu buffet held at Tokyo street, Pavilion, have you try before? wOrth tO try ya :)

Chicken, beef, lamb. All is umlimited ! xD

 狡猾 look

 Look what?! LOL
 Exchange X'mas gift time :D

Welcome tO Christmas Wonderland ^^

I miss yOu all lOttttttttttttt~ cant wait fOr Our next trip :)
Merry X'mas baObei men^^ muacksssx