31 December 2012

*VampireQi* Life Of 2012

Thanks God that we are still alive and broke the 21 Dec 2012 end of the world from Mayan apocalypse, appreciate it. Time flies that I'm just turning to 21st in 2012. I'm officially pass legal year but why I think that I'm old compare to other teenager? I've regret that I timid case I lost many chance that I wanted. Alright, I promise myself that I don't wanna miss the thing or people anymore!

Review blog post in 2012, It seem like nothing big special happened, but graceful that is great for me. Big happened is I took off my brace teeth! I have a good smiley after the 1 year 8month process.

Another is my 21st birthday party. My BaoBeiMen gave my dream birthday party, other jimui, laopo and sista is still be with me as well. I know I'm not alone, appreciate

I also have been worked as different event of freelance job, I learned and get the great experience from it.

Oh ya, first time oversea travel with my BaoBeiMen- Bangkok, Thailand. Kedah, Alor Setar, Penang, Melaka, Johor had been travelling in 2012. I like holidays and travel :)

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.
Thanks giving 2012, my family and friend. Blessing and Appreciating it.

Happy New Year 2013!
I gonna shine bright like a diamond. 2013 pls be nice to me!

23 December 2012

Pre-celebration X'mas Party@LaoPo

A pre-celebration X'mas party with my laopo gang. After some of them finished the wedding dinner, we together went to booked apartment to have a Fun! This time no decoration, no own cooking ( have cooked some sausage and nugget) plus some snack and beer to celebration it. Starting at 11pm?

X'mas Gift exchange time. Guess which one is mine? LOL

After that, we together play some game - True or Dare? Mostly we chosen dare cause we are nothing special secret to share among us anymore? LOL I like play with those "crazy" people, it is more Fun if they could dare to do anything include the shame thing? hahahaha

A simple but great night. In fact, I'm drunk on that time, I just dont really like beer and I felt sleepy after drink some can of beer? LOL

 their art work

another laopo is drunk, and 2 of their bf go dabao supper for us.

End of the night.


Belated wish - Merry X'mas!
Single bell, single bell, single all the way (Ignore my stupid noob face)

18 December 2012

AIA Annual Dinner Event@Job

Another freelance job post. I know I am facing the final test soon, but I need money badly, Lot of fee are waiting me to pay at next year. This is 3 days AIA Annual Dinner funtion event, 18-20 December 2012 which held at KLCC Convention Ballroom, working time is around 6-10pm, for sure, need standby before start work.

I really learn a lot in this event. The whole company staff are attend to enjoy the party night and dinner, I could see that a good teamwork of the department. Other fun activities such as Lucky Draw and together dance Gangnam styles (the song is most powerful nowadays! Adult old man 60age also enjoyable to dance this song! @@)

 My jobscope is distribute light stick to the guess in the hall and help to take photo by Instax Mini camera, such as easier job right?

My partner. She taught lot for me. A friendly and active people.

 6 usherette girl of the night. They are friendly and fun people! LOL

Hope still have chance work with you all again, see ya. 

15 December 2012

De Beauty Reborn@Job

It's sudden job that I get offer, thanks for let me learnt and have great experience from this job. This is De beauty Reborn Collagen press conference new product - Reborn Recithin Green Coffee which held at Sungai Wang. Well, my jobscope just post at stage and holding their product with other pretties girls. Rehearsal 3 times and actual work time is 20min include take photo? LOL

01 December 2012

2AM@The Way Of Love Concert

I'm glad that have an opportunity to work as Usherette of the 2AM concert at 1 December 2012 which held in Dewan Wawasan, PGRM, Cheras. 2AM is one of boy group that have amazing voice K-pop star,I knew them is from the OST "Dream High" Drama of popurlar song -  Even If I Die, I Cant Let You Go 죽어도 못 보내. 

 work with my best sista - YauYau

My jobscope just guide the fans into their seat before they entry the concert hall. After the concert is starting, I'm allowed to sat and enjoy their bravo performance as FREE! Oh yeah I still have chance to watch their rehearsal performance, sit infront as first VIP? LOL

In true, they really have nice voice and we can felt that they really put best effort to perform to all their fans. All the planning and stage light is great and nice. Althought 2am in Malaysia still not much popular, but I'm fall in love their amazing voice and the love song. 

Bravo live concert performance! All fans seek very high and satisfied include me. They still have An-cord 2 times! Promise wanna sing until 2am? LOL Bring lot of surprise to fans.

Here recommend some of their new love song. Hope you will like it too.