14 October 2012

Derrick & Ivy Wedding Dinner

Today is my cousin Derrick Big big day! (He younger than me 3month) LOL I had been came here Bukit Tinggi, Klang from yesterday. I miss my klang side relative. Yesterday night have a simple buffet dinner, is such like a gathering, all chilling and drink beer together.

Today morning, is time to bride home!

 All is prepared and cooked by bridegroom mom

successfully bring pretty bride back home

 敬茶time! They are waiting this moment for a long long time 

 All relative group photo

Alright, wedding dinner time which are held in 锦纶泰大饭店,Klang.

 sign my big name and blessing them :)

 my dad and sis

tonight main feature, pretty bride and smart bridegroom 

 my pretty cousin sister

 my cute younger cousin bro and sis 花童花女

pink shirt is my youngest auntie, Do me look alike o.o? LOL

 She just so cuteee (n.n)

 Before start the dinner, have dancing part. The boys and the girls. 

 The boys star dancing with "I wanna marry you" song

 And welcome the bride and bridegroom come in


last 2 days is bridegroom 21st birthday too,celebrate together at tonight!

He just speak out, he really feel happy and appreciate everything he possess now, and thank you love he family member forever. *Touching*

A group pic with all my younger bro and sis. They have been grow up, time flies. LOL

A beautiful night. Wishing them happiness forever. 

End the post with my outfit and look tonight. LOL

11 October 2012

Vivian 21st Birthday Celebration@LaoPo

Postponed to celebration her birthday and just take a dinner together cause we're really no have time, all are seek is Miss.busy LOL We went to A Li Yaa Island Restaurant & Bar which located at Bukit Damansara, PJ and our first ever to try taste the Sri Lankan Food.

Menu and A Li Yaa  resembles Elephant?

 Beverage- Refreshing Mocktails

Start from the appetizer, main dish and dessert is recommended by friendly waiter. 
 Fish Cutlets

 String Hopper Chicken Kothu

 Egg Plant Sambal

 Mutton Paal Poriya

 Plain Doosara "Roti"

 Main Dish - Sri Lankan Crab Curry

 Rich of Crab Meat

 Dessert - Vatilaapam

Just Fall in love to Sri Lankan food, high standard and delicious. Although the price is a bit expensive for us(student) however, it's is valuable and most important is their provide good service. Even we just kidding feedback of the Eggplant sambal have bit sour taste, their direct cook a new one for us, plant a deep good impression of their food and service. Have a chance you could have a try too :)

After end our satisfied dinner, is time for celebrate Vivian birthday.
 The birthday cake is cute right? 

 Happy Birthday ya (n.n)

Lastly, post up our group pic (left other laopo gang member
Never mind, planning for next time gathering. 

That's all for tonight celebration, Good night.

05 October 2012

Vivian 21st Birthday Celebration@BaoBei

Vivian is most youngest in our BaoBei gang(only date of birth, doesn't mean the look or mentality , LOL but she like old song, old dance..so tonight we planned back to 60s to celebrate her 21st birthday! We're rented an apartment which at Jalan Ipoh to stay one night and have a theme party for tonight.

Our apartment pic, feel like getting cheat by website pic, have bit disappointed (_")btw, its clean and simple.

Before start the party, we're together prepare the decoration and our dinner. 

Here the results

mixed some Chinese traditional decoration to match our theme party tonight

 Our western style dinner tonight! It's used around 4hour to cook ( ̄▽ ̄@)
Filled Fish/ Lamb Chop, Fried, Hot Dog Cheese Eng, Fruit Salad


What's our theme party? This time have some story-line theme party -- 60s Big and rich family!  old school drama and everyone have their own character. ~( ̄▽ ̄)~( ̄▽ ̄)~ hahaha
 Do you still recognize me? I'm acting a old dead man (>,<) beside is my wife

 My stupid son and pretty daughter-in-law(main feature)

 My harbour evil daughter and timid son-in-law

 Our home driver and the capricious granddaughter 
*The driver hold "him" DIY props car. LOL<("""O""")>

The maid whose always greedy for money and the Ghost stay in our house (~.~)

Is it better understanding our storyline? Other pic that proof we're really like to acting <( c)y▂ξ
 the complicated relationship

Done our crazy photo shooting, and our birthday cake time

 Happy birthday to little shan shan~(3)~

Due to she is youngest in our gang, so she need to serve tea to us! (敬茶) and take the ang pao!

 Her birthday gift -- Money Tree and Ang Pao! Creative and useful gift ever .

Yoyo~ Party time! Oppa Gangnam Style~ 

End with this family photo^^

We're enjoyable to act the character and have fun at tonight! Hope you're enjoy too when reading my blog ya ~(3)~