10 November 2012

Dato LCW Wedding Dinner Job

Belated post again. I'm glad that I have been work as Usherette of our Malaysia Hero Dato Lee Chong Wei wedding dinner on 9 & 10 November 2012 which are held at KLCC convention hall 4 & 5. This is a wedding of the century and high attention by all Malaysia people, firsts day they have been invited Agong, minister and many famous Dato and Datin to attend this wedding dinner, second days is invited they relative and friend, total of 2days guess is around 2500++ people. Are you can imagine how the wedding dinner is grand and classic?

 The seat of King, Queen, Minister of Malaysia, for sure, our main feature Dato LCW and Datin WMC

 look classic right?

 my usher flower LOL

We standby at the outside of the hall, and our jobscope just guide the guess into their seat table

 finally the main feature is appearance :)

After our job done, we honored to invited join and take dinner in their wedding dinner in first days. 
 Main dishes : Fish, my favorite

 Samon fish is best :)

 Dessert is delicious! ?Just cant get enough >,<

Macarons and biscuits

 Chocolate gift

 work with my best sister in first days

the cute girls, she have abit look alike famous blogger : Bell LOL

End with the group pic of some usherette, some is back home. It's great experience for me, appreciate it. At last, Happy Marriage to our hero Dato LCW and Datin WMC :)

06 November 2012

Mary BaoBei Birthday Celebration

Belated to celebrate our BaoBei Mary Birthday Celebration. We take a dinner at Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant, Ampang for a simple celebration. Once the one of the BaoBei b'day we just can reunion xD

 mix up all chicken meat, sauce and cabbage and noodles to fry and cook. 

 dang dang! Done! but I just think is okay only, dont really delicious :P

 Mary b'day cake

 I like this eat cake style , LOL

 Happy Birthday Mary 

The night still young? LOL We're went to Hulu Langat Hill to view the nice KL view. It's cool night.

 We bought some beer and chicken wings to enjoys :)

And we playing some light drawing effect :

It's a beautiful night, cause you all are belong to me