31 October 2010

Happy HallOween

Happy HallOween~
Im mischievous devil,keke

Trick or treat?
tOnite first time celebrated HallOween party
at MaisOn wit my mOnster kaki,

alOt Of Fun,time was flies fast,
ppl crowed there,JAM~felt hOt~
but we're enjOyable, =]
next year I shOuld act as myself [Vampire]

24 October 2010

FIF fair

be a replacement Of crew
FIF fair at time square
easy job,but felt hOt >,<

watched the shOw gal shOw,
like DSLR♥
learned many tOday~

22 October 2010

Interview+Chili's+Bubble hair

went tO interview jOb again,
we're lOst at kepOng, kept U-turn,haha

cOmpany loOk dangerOus building,
interview just fill in fOrm & take pic (=.=)
i think we're crazy,
haven fOund the jOb,
still take the dinner at KLCC Chili's (>,<)

quality high standard, like it♥

We are rich wOmen at future xD

have feel rite? like♥
wit yau bOught the bubble hair try cOlOring hair

Ash brOwn

but loOk didn have any color =\

21 October 2010


yea,QuattrO, i cOming again
tO celebrated bObO BufDay party

vOmit,but i didnt drunk =)
tO9 is a goOd goOd nite^^

20 October 2010


is a goOd day =)
hOpe everything will be fine
just want tO stay happy
*achieve my wish soOn* Gambateh

last mOnth went tO KLCC playgrOund phOtO shoOting
just fOr fun
I knOw I still nOt prO, need imprOve mOre =\
Thanks very much fOr ~Six~ ^^

BobO Bufday

went tO Kaki cOrner celebrated
my lOvely cOusin BobO bufday
just a simply celebrate here ^^

sweet cOuple

yea, expect tOmOrO nite anOther party^^

17 October 2010

Detective DEE

finally can sucessfull watched a mOvie
a nice mOvie^^
watched wit my sibling at time square just nOw

rate : ★★★★

15 October 2010

tiger beer shooting

early wOke up went tO wOrking
be a extra talent Of shoOting again
is tiger beer advertising

wit 3babes & yau sis
tis jOb is easy,but BORED
i met a lOt Of weird ppl (=.=")
tired jOb (>,<)
cOclusiOn tOday
↘i shOuld learn tO smile and mOre friendly =)

14 October 2010

sushi king II

yea =)
sushi king again

wit my 10babes
crazy addictiOn by it? xD
some phOtO shooting here
prOve im hardwOrking study student^^

chit chat again wit babes
cOnclusiOn tOday:
↘we are Y grOup & relatiOnship like cOuple?
at nite dinner wit family =)