31 January 2012

Dad Birthday

令人欣慰的是,有个小小简单的庆祝老爸生日。一家人吃了肯德基,小小蛋糕庆祝下,也显得那温馨所在。虽然你不言不语,但是你脸上那一丝笑容,难以掩饰你内心的喜悦吧 :)


24 January 2012

Happy CNY



14 January 2012

Genting Trip@AEM3

Finished the first semester Of the Advance DiplOma, we decided gOing tO Genting Highland fOr Our semester break trip with Our classmate. 2 days 1 night trip, it is really shOrt fOr us, but nO chOice, Our time is hard to match o(>,<)o

Pi Pi Pi~ here we gO ;)

I'm still remember, Our first semester break trip Of the diploma alsO went tO Genting Highland. After 3 year, we're gOing fOr the same place fOr same purpose, sOme memOries waas recall back :) Is it we change a lOt? mature? LOL xD

 2012 : 3 year ago...

 When reach first wOrld hOtel, put the bag and having Our brunch >,<

Other abOve 21 years Old girl was gO in casinO "earn" mOney, underage was take the funny pic :)

 Scary ~.~

I like the picture at belOw :D

yOu know hOw we dO this? like a little spiderwOmen? hahaha xD

After that, we going tO Starbucks High Tea :)

I'm 神婆

Playing sOme game in Our hOtel little roOm :

Our dinner:

After that, tOgether watching the mOvie :


 Just a little jOking here,  hahaha.
At night, just we 2 was drunk /.\ I keep speak nOn-stOp, and another gal........hahahhahahah, lOt funny stOries she made fOr us. Never mind, we're feel happier and enjoyable, that is enough :) 

GrOup pic

A nice trip, but we less interact with the boy xD. 
Can't wait fOr my next semester break : BangkOk!

12 January 2012

Holiday Starting...

Oh yeah^^ Finally the exam was Over, just finish the last paper test. It does mean my hOlidays is starting, and the holiday moOd ONCan get a goOd rest and relax ~.~ For sure, tO welcOme the Chinese New Year, shopping and clean my hOuse was in my plan.

Anyway, EnjOy the hOliday as pOssible. Happy Holidays :)

04 January 2012


本小姐正于 一月03号 至12号  为大考考试而闭关中。

Good Luck 

01 January 2012

New Year Eve

倒数迎接新的一年的日子,你和谁度过呢?而我把时间留给了我的姐妹。没有头绪有什么节目或到那里景点庆祝。我们选择了最靠近咱们家的Over Time 酒吧,原以为可以在哪观看烟花,高估了/.\。没关系吧,好好享受那热闹的气氛,加上酒精与音乐的作伴下,也是挺不错的。:)


 还特别Booking了,结果迟到一个钟多 xD

 你以为我的饮料是白开水吗?那可是Vodka /.\






 4朵金花 xD


message wrOte fOr her :
Sorry I dint go song ji, and my stupid phone out of credit ady, maybe when u see this msg u at US ady :)
Wish u all the best and gambateh at US ya, everything be careful and take care urself well k. And DON'T forget our promise ya ^^ hehe
2 years? after 2 years we will change until how? who knows? but i believe our friendship is endless! and we forever 21 :D hehe
Keep in touch k, always update ur news at here, anything share at here, so u wont feel u are alone :)
love u, muacksssx ♥

*Btw, Happy New Year! I'm Forever 21^^