31 December 2010

VampireQi Life Of 2010

Just now viewed my blOg pOst in 2010, tOtally 111 pOst^^
This pOst is the last pOst in this year.
Let us review my life in 2010♥

Succeed : Get P licence∞Bought new camera∞Brace my teeth
Improved my Eng language & Dress up myself [become more mature & lady]

Failed : Failed exam test∞InsOmnia∞Something bad thing happend around me

Work : Promoter∞Crew∞Flyer girls∞Extra talents shooting

Travel : Sunway lagoon∞PD∞Melacca∞Genting Highland

Happy memories : UnfOrgettable Bufday∞Mom,Bro come back hOme together from fOreign ∞Gathered with [Baobeimen,Rainbow,Ns fren,Old classmate,Friend]

Love : Hangout,Chitchat,Crazy wit fren∞Shopping∞Movie∞Night life∞Photo shooting

I just realized that I still cant achieved my wish & target what I set and prOmised tO myslef as well. I'm Failed =(
But never mind, Failed = The way succeed in future

FOr My family & Friend :
↘YOu all gave me the best moments in 2010
Thank yOu fOr appearing in my life for year of 2010,Love ya♥

FOr 2010 :
↘Thanks fOr gave me alOt happy memory,my lOvely family and friend still beside me =] Blessing and appreciating.
AlthOugh sOmetime yOu let me dOwn and felt lOss & mess my life, Still thanks because this will let me becOme mOre mature and get mOre experienced tO growth up =)

Hey,take me for a hide tOnight!
HOpe you all will enjOy last moment in 2010 ;D
2011 I'm COming~


28 December 2010

Day Of Sista

Hi, everyOne. =)

I was Delayed my bOxing day, planned tOday shOpping with my lOvely Sistas.
But sOmething happend, arOund 5.30pm we just reached there.

We are felt super hungry.
This is my breakfast+lunch+dinner LOL
look similiar? yea, Sushi Zanmai again.
But still deliciOus and like it

Our dessert :
U hu hu : lemOn cheese cup cake

loOk them are very happy ^^

After that, we went tO paviliOn shOpping, unlucky =( The time is nOt enOugh fOr us.
I just bOught 1 black skirt, aikss~ =\
althrOugh just few hOur, we already toOk many 'nice' pic. xD


this angle nice~

NOrmal? nonono~
NO believe?
see belOw pic, attentiOn Our face emOtiOn. muahaha
*pls click it tO see mOre clearly xD

hOw this? shOw Our teeth~ haha
like it mOst, xD
[without edit Or use any software, is our 'nature' face emOtiOn~.~]

My Sista, we are happy family ^^

New year eve gO where? still planning xD
nOw is a time tO revisiOn, Gambateh tO myself and my baObei men.
I will dO my best, althrOugh I hate it deeply =(


26 December 2010

Merry X'mas 2010

♩♪♫ Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells ♩♪♫
♩♪♫ Jingle all the way ♩♪♫
♩♪♫ Oh, what fun it is to ride ♩♪♫
♩♪♫ In a one horse open sleigh ♩♪♫

HOhOhO`` Merry X'mas tO everyOne^^

HOw passed my X'eve? Just stay at hOme with my family. NOrmal day fOr me.
Hope fully X'mas eve cOuld be fun and suck at fOllOwing every year.

X'mas day I had wOrked at Bangsar, same jOb as last 2 week agO.
but this time just wished peOple, : Merry X'Mas^^ LOL
after finished my jOb, straight went tO FoOng House BBQ wit my Ji mui =)
My rOast chiken wings skill is weak, lucky them help me hehe

Ermm, exchange gifts time =)
I get this
Stick candy & the teddy bear get frOm jOb there


*Pic will upload soOn

17 December 2010

shopping day

after class with 4baObei went tO midvalley
Fairy tale wOrld

Our lunch : Sushi Zanmai again hahaha

mOst favOrite
and then meet with Pei yan
yam cha at Stackbucks

she is my Best buddy at Ns
after 1year7month we just met again
chitchat, we prOmise next time will cOme Out again =)
baObei men was back hOme
but me still went tO time square
alOne shOpping suck
bought alot =)
felt satisfied,
tOday spend rm300

but my bank accOunt amOunt..>,<

me & Yau
still have many wish tO buy LOL
拜金拜金拜金=BYE金 =(

16 December 2010

Day Of JMC

me & MiyakO Over night at Jac hOuse
she every 30min will ask "hungry OrnOt o.O?"
will take foOd Or drink fOr us [goOd 待客之道]
at night pillOw talk~ nice wee =)
next day, cOntinue Our plan,
but sOmething happend,wen cant jOin us =(

cOz already boOked the mOvie ticket
we rushed tO time square
nOt enough sleep,eye bump ==
sOme pic toOk at time square

b4 mOvie, Our breakfast :

mOvie time :
AvesOme =D
we went tO Fahrenheit take dinner

My favOrite : Sushi Zanmai

niceeee ~
loOk yOung xD
actually keep sms =.=

and then went tO paviliOn watch "snOw"
many ppl there

pls ignOre behind that 2 guy ><
at last minute, jac bOught many haha
we shOpping until shOp was clOsed
Felt happy ;D
toOk many pic tOday,

hahaha xD

many pic was toOk at fitting roOm hahaha
Our relatiOnship still maintain and clOse
keep it On until fOever =)
LOve ya❤