19 April 2013

19 April 2013



我不知是不是患上了“出国恐惧症”。有时候会怀疑自己选上这条路的选择,这次的赌注很大,我知道我背负很多希望,承担...有时候,朋友或亲戚的不支持,他们已过来人的身份,告诉我这条路有多难,我知道我回国后,会很艰辛的还债,需要比他人更努力100倍...我知道,我都知道...可是这是我几年前的决定,我并不想放弃我出国念书的梦想。原谅我的天真..这个决定值不值得,会不会后悔,天晓得呢?Never try never know.

人生只有一次!一起加油!I not afraid, I'll move on...

Don't forget what to do and where to go you have promised yourself, no matter how difficult or far it is. 别忘了答应自己要做的事情,别忘了答应自己要去的地方,无论有多难,有多远。

13 February 2013

I-city Trick Art Musuem

Hang out with my CNY gang in chor 4, we having our lunch and cheong k together same as last year.

Entry fee for trick art museum in I-city only cost RM5 per person. Lot of people inside and queue to wait take photo.

My friend DSLR no battery, then change use my noob camera take pic, Damn pic solution ~.~

12am! I need to take my "diamond carriage" back home loo.                                                    Bye........

10 February 2013

I-city@CNY Chor 1

Since I at home nothing to do and my hometown is KL, went to I-city with my friend. Many people here, mostly are malay people, I think Chinese people are back to hometown or at Genting Highland? LOL

Beautiful LED light decoration, take some pic when we reached.

Wish my life could be colourful like I-city LED lights :D

Chinese New Year 2013

Happy CNY! 恭喜发财

Seriously, I don't like special day such as CNY or Christmas. This year same as last year, I no visit any relative due to my mom and bro no at KL, and most important is my hometown is KL! Some of my friend was celebrating with their lovely family. My house no have the CNY feel ever, I have nothing to do and I no idea where can I go during CNY. Sound sad right? Lucky that I can hang out with some friend to kill the time. I just went to I-city with friend in 1 week during CNY (will update soon) Therefore, I be a PIG in house. Sleep-Eat-TV-Game. 

I had been  put the sky wish lattern to wish dream come true, all will be alright. Hopefully negative mood stay me away, Lucky and happiness around my friend and family all the time.

31 January 2013

Family Day@Dad Birthday

I think its been 2 years since I have last seen my mom. She and my brother apply the leave for come back celebration my dad birthday before CNY, both of them work at Singapore and hard to apply holidays. In this 2 years, in my house just left my dad, younger sis and me. For sure all housework or daily meal need to settle our-self. I tried that 1 weeks no eat the rice, everyday eat maggie or snack to fill my stomach, I'm lazy to go out buy or cook myself. Believe me, I tried to cook.. but I have no patient to cook everyday, sum more I need to handle my studies and work at the same time, so I just let it be. I think our healthy is damn weak! I miss my mom, after her back, our house is recover back the lively time, she have lot of thing wanna share with me and plan chit chat till morning?! LOL
Many people comment we are look alike? really?

Okay, back to topic. Initially we planned to take a dinner at Oversea Restaurant, but refuse by dad cause of traffic jam problem =.= so we just take a simple dinner at restaurant near our house no more than 3 km.

 Lou Sang

 Not delicious at all! taste normal! 

 the little boy is our "younger brother" my mom take care when he just a baby, now he ady 12 years old ~.~

 Happy Birthday my lovely dad

I love my family

16 January 2013

Samsung Galaxy@ 27th Golden Disk Awards

Ouchh! I'm super lucky enough to attend Samsung Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards at Sepang International Circuit, I chosen 16th Jan 2013 to attend cause this day have my favorite fashion man - G-Dragon! I come for him and other k-pop artist as well. Seriously I'm a K-pop fans, I love and addicted of K-pop (one of the BigBang VIPs) How could I not exciting and the first time to attend this GDA!

outfit of the day

 Thanks for Neslo for the free ticket and be my driver xD

 Red Carpet
I no have overstate, Don't look down upon K-pop fans power, strong enough to kill you! LOL

 Finally we safely get in the Galaxy Samsung zone, lots of crazy k-pop fans here, include me.

 Waiting and waiting. We still saw a beautiful rainbow, it's came to celebrate too? LOL

 her Chor face. haha

 more 10min to start the awards...

 2 cute Emcee of the day! 
Lee HongGi(Ft Island) and Kim Da Som(Sistar) are dancing Oppa Gangnam style

 Finally G-Dragon is get the awards and performance 4 song - One Of the Kind, Crayon, Light It Up and Heart Breaker!! We're damn high and enjoyable he performance! All is worth just came to see him! G-Dragon is unique and adorable!


The awards is end of the Oppa Gangnam Style song and dance with all K-pop Artist! 

 Come on girls! Come on boys! Come on come on! Get your crayon!
 Thx for coloring my life page!
I wish I could go Korean and watch BigBang concert ^^