16 January 2013

Samsung Galaxy@ 27th Golden Disk Awards

Ouchh! I'm super lucky enough to attend Samsung Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards at Sepang International Circuit, I chosen 16th Jan 2013 to attend cause this day have my favorite fashion man - G-Dragon! I come for him and other k-pop artist as well. Seriously I'm a K-pop fans, I love and addicted of K-pop (one of the BigBang VIPs) How could I not exciting and the first time to attend this GDA!

outfit of the day

 Thanks for Neslo for the free ticket and be my driver xD

 Red Carpet
I no have overstate, Don't look down upon K-pop fans power, strong enough to kill you! LOL

 Finally we safely get in the Galaxy Samsung zone, lots of crazy k-pop fans here, include me.

 Waiting and waiting. We still saw a beautiful rainbow, it's came to celebrate too? LOL

 her Chor face. haha

 more 10min to start the awards...

 2 cute Emcee of the day! 
Lee HongGi(Ft Island) and Kim Da Som(Sistar) are dancing Oppa Gangnam style

 Finally G-Dragon is get the awards and performance 4 song - One Of the Kind, Crayon, Light It Up and Heart Breaker!! We're damn high and enjoyable he performance! All is worth just came to see him! G-Dragon is unique and adorable!


The awards is end of the Oppa Gangnam Style song and dance with all K-pop Artist! 

 Come on girls! Come on boys! Come on come on! Get your crayon!
 Thx for coloring my life page!
I wish I could go Korean and watch BigBang concert ^^

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