31 January 2013

Family Day@Dad Birthday

I think its been 2 years since I have last seen my mom. She and my brother apply the leave for come back celebration my dad birthday before CNY, both of them work at Singapore and hard to apply holidays. In this 2 years, in my house just left my dad, younger sis and me. For sure all housework or daily meal need to settle our-self. I tried that 1 weeks no eat the rice, everyday eat maggie or snack to fill my stomach, I'm lazy to go out buy or cook myself. Believe me, I tried to cook.. but I have no patient to cook everyday, sum more I need to handle my studies and work at the same time, so I just let it be. I think our healthy is damn weak! I miss my mom, after her back, our house is recover back the lively time, she have lot of thing wanna share with me and plan chit chat till morning?! LOL
Many people comment we are look alike? really?

Okay, back to topic. Initially we planned to take a dinner at Oversea Restaurant, but refuse by dad cause of traffic jam problem =.= so we just take a simple dinner at restaurant near our house no more than 3 km.

 Lou Sang

 Not delicious at all! taste normal! 

 the little boy is our "younger brother" my mom take care when he just a baby, now he ady 12 years old ~.~

 Happy Birthday my lovely dad

I love my family

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