27 August 2012

Outing with high school BBF

This is a post about outing with my high school BFF. 4 of us always stick together when we was form4 and 5 at our high school. Sometime we still have hang out or yam cha to connect our relationship, but it seen less due to we all are busy in our studies or work.

Okay, back to topic. We together take a dinner at Sri Hartamas, Sushi Zanmai always our flavour. 
Wen, I know her since form2, our fate look like cant separate :)  (now we're still same class for diploma and advance diploma)

Xuan, before that have many people said we look alike, is it?
Jac, she always look happiness and no worries in her life

Cute Big Head photo, LOL


Beer time! Update our standard, we're drink beer now! hiak hiak We're chit chat until 1am. 

We're changed lot! Next time I will post our high school photo ya, LOL :D

24 August 2012

24 August 2012

Helloooo! I'm back for blogger! Recently I'm less update my blog cause of busier on my assignment, exam and work. Most important is : Lazier, now I mostly update and share at Instagram!

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Yeah! I'm in Holidayssssssssssssssss! Planning these 3 weeks of holidays what gonna to do, any ideas? Finally  the exam war is finish, holidays mode on and I'm ready for enjoy it.

Belated updating the post :
Forever 21st Birthday
Malacca One Day Food Trip

Yes, I'll also update here, don't worry. Happy Holidays!

19 August 2012

Malacca One Day Food Trip

Selamat Hari Raya! Today is public holidays, some our friend is going to trip with their family, we'are free although more 4 days is another paper test. Ignore it first, we also wanna have a fun in the public holidays, don't wanna stay at Lonely KL! Therefore, we planned to go Malacca one day trip with all the list of food.

Sorry for that, I'm over sleep, let my friend waiting me(7.30am is too early for me). 8am start our journey, cause we all are terrible for direction, so we're depend on the GPS. Used almost 2hour just reach our destination--Malacca.

Fresh air, crowd of people and trourist. First we need is go take our breakfast. Here we go

 First station

 Famous 鸡粒饭 the taste is ok only

 Durian Cendol

 Durian Puff

 Sweet couple and our photographer 

 See, just wanna have a meal also need line up like this

 After get inside, also need waiting the customer finish their meal

 Ace Kacang

 Asam Laksa! Delicious, I'm come for this.

 Kahwin Laksa

Don't forget today we're tourist too, take some pic with famous local building LOL

Pass by the temple, go inside pray our all test can pass and success graduate. *Bo peep Bo peep* 

 It is so hard for jump of consistency and beauty shoot
So, we decided jump like this
 Peaceful jump. Look like fly in sky. 

 Gosh! the weather is intensely hot and sticky!!

Another station, famous Satay Celup

Yummy. But we also line up almost 30min.

 Came back here for the Night Market which located at Jonket Walk.

Woo~We all are satisfied, but we miss out the Thousand Layer Cake and Coconut Shake in our food list. Get lost when go back, Summons, Lucky RM50. Next time don't come here on public holidays if you're not a patient people. Okie, tomorrow need to start revision fighting for last paper test! Bye Malacca.