25 January 2011


Yes! Finally went tO tao'道 Japanese buffet at Sunway Giza Shopping Mall,PJ. Dinner with my lOvely rainbOw laOpO and their bf. Price only RM50++ for weekdays 6-10.30pm.
For me, foOd taste really nice, because I like♥ japanese foOd^^ High Quality lOw Quantity if compare with JOgOya =X ermm, I like that, have chance must gO try ya =)
Lets see the pic

3 pair sweet cOuple

3 'single' ladies xD
Ermm, see the foOd pic

for BBQ



this taste nice ;D

my lOvely sushi ^^


loOk deliciOus right? still have many haven capture, because we busy EATING hahaha

all table is FOOD x)

all satisfied loOk xD
Pic time =D

Our hair incense? LOL

after dinner, watch [hOmecOming] mOvie with ying and sherrine & her bf at 1U.
Lame mOvie =.= we're cOld till hOme. LOL


23 January 2011


Hey,hOw yOu all pass this saturday night? I dOn't want stay at hOme,Is time Vampire gOing Out get FUN time ;P

Actually we planned gOing Alive club, but 11am already full =.=
nO chOice, change tO Opera, is secOnd time went tO there^^ With my mOnster kaki, haha. Before 12am, we're bOring at there, but after 12am, we're high xD
Lets see the pic↘

The sexy gal
The noOb bOy xD

This 2 gal are drunk xD

AlthOugh we're nOt crazy at all this time, but we still enjOy =)
Alive,I'll cOme 'visit' yOu soOn xD

I like♥ alcOhOl, let me high & dizzy xD