30 June 2011

Nikki & SiOng yOng BufDay

안녕하세요! Annyeong-haseyo!
Yeah, we went tO KOrea BBQ restaurant tO celebrated Nikki and SiOng yOng(class rep) BufDay. This is my first time eat kOrea foOd, taste can accept, sOme foOd is delicious and the price is affOrdable toO <( ̄︶ ̄)>
let see the pic hOw was we enjOyed 

kOrea BBQ restaurant is lOcate at Ampang kOrea TOwn.

They keep tease me, I have a nOse ring ? (∩∩)

This 3 za bO steal my limelight ()︿()

I wish I have 1 hellO kitty fujifirm instax mini  <(oo,)/

wOw~ \(▽≦)/

GrOup pic

BaObei Nikki, Happy BufDaya ya ^^
Wish yOur dream may cOme true, and be a Fatty gal soOn, then I can call yOu Fat fAt :P 
lOve ya, muacksss 

29 June 2011

Christy BufDay

Simply pOst here. I loOk like busyING On these few day, 
fed up with the suck assignment ╭( ̄m*)

Just a simply dinner tO celebrated Christy BufDay with JiMui gang at Sushi Zanmai, Fahrenheit 88. 
 Older the foOd
 yummy ^^

 my cOusin, she really slim a lOt 

 After that, had secOnd rOund at feeling cafe.

FoOng, Happy BufDay ya^^ wish yOur dream may come true. We're JiMui fOrever :D 
LOve ya, muacksss

26 June 2011

SupernOva night

Hi, mOrning :D I just back frOm SupernOva with my JiMui gang and they friend. BefOre that, when they planned tO gO, I through just a jOke. last minute call me ready o.O? Oh nO, I cant rejected even I dint have that moOd :(

Supernova has replaced Quattro at Avenue K, When I was reached, there changed live band style. I almOst sat whOle night tO watched the perfOrmance. nO pOwer Or mOtivatiOn dance mOre :\ Until nOw still can't fall intO sleep, if lying at bed will vOmit and my stOmach feeling suffer =.=". Thats why I'm here blOgging, LOL What happened tO my stOmach? I wish I can sleep right nOw :(

live band 

my cOusin sis

Dont knOw why my lips will becOme RED after drink alcOhOl =.=

GrOup pic

sOng Of tOnight : Run The World (Girls)

Girls, we run this motha (yeah!)
Girls, we run this motha, GIRLS!
Who run the world? Girls!

Okie, is time going tO bed :D bye~

24 June 2011

Gotta Be Somebody

nice sOng~

This time, I wonder what it feels like 這一次 我想知道那是什麼感覺 ?
To find the one in this life, the one we all dream of 為了找到這一生 我們追求的那一個人
But dreams just aren’t enough 但只是幻想是不夠的
So I’ll be waiting for the real thing, 所以我會耐心等待 等待它成真
I’ll know it by the feeling 讓我能夠認出那個人
The moment when we’re meeting, 當我們相遇時
will play out like a scene 會像電影情節一般結束
Straight off the silver screen 從螢幕上退去
So I’ll be holding my own breath, right up ’til the end 我會柄持我的呼吸 直到結束
]Until that moment when, 直到那一刻
I find the one that I’ll spend forever with 我終於找到那追求已久的人

Cause nobody wants to be the last one there 人們都渴望不被遺忘
Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares 人們都希望能被珍惜
Someone to love with my life in their hands 一定有個人重視我跟我們的愛情
There’s gotta be somebody for me like that 一定有那樣一個人 為了我而存在
Cause nobody wants to do it all on their own 人們都渴望有有個人可以分擔生活
And everyone wants to know they’re not alone 人們都希望不再寂寞
There’s somebody else that feels the same somewhere 一定有個人跟我一樣感同身受
There’s gotta be somebody for me out there 一定有那樣一個人 為了我而存在

Tonight, out on the street, out in the moonlight 今晚 就在月光照耀的街道上
And dammit this feels too right, 承認這感覺很美好吧
it’s just like deja vu 這場景仿佛似曾相識
Me standing here with you 在妳身邊的我
So I’ll be holding my own breath, 我屏息以待
could this be the end 能讓世界在這美好的一刻結束嗎 ?
Is it that moment when, 這就是那一刻嗎 ?
I find the one that I’ll spend forever with 我終於找到那追求已久的人

You can't give up, whem you looking for a diamond in the rough 就像琢磨鑽石 漫長艱辛 你不能放棄
(Becuz You never know) The wind shows up, (make sure you’re holding on) 因為你從不知道 它將何時出現 把握那時刻吧
Cause it could be the one, the one you're waiting on 它將是你所期待的

Gotta Be Somebody

18 June 2011

Shopping day

lOng lOng time din't shOpping, but tOday tOtally disappOinted TT__TT Entirely din't purchase any clOth, altrOugh I already wrOte a list =.="
FrOm 2-10pm,PaviliOn→Sg,wang→Time square..Tired ( ̄)︿( ̄)
But I already spend RM200 for my skin care prOduct ,I wan shOpping again x) hahaha

Pure face loOk shOpping~

I'm Fastidious :\

13 June 2011

RainbOw time

Is time hang Out with rainbOw sis, received a call and wOke up from dream, plan tOday CheOng-K or mOvie. But all canceled, just take Zanmai sushi dinner tOgether, Don't know why the quality tOday nO goOd leh :( After that directly back hOme. loOk like nO meaning, abit disappOinted. And fOrgOt take a pic fOr we all :\

haha, lucky we 3 have take pic =.=" lalalalalalalala~

11 June 2011

X-pay Girl

TOday work as X-pay girl Of the celcOm cOmpany at Stadium Negara, for the 8tv events Final Ultimate Power Star. Actually we are a prOmOter and wOrking hOur is frOm 4-10pm. But...hahaha, we just ask fOr thOse befOre entry audience, 'Are you celcOm user?' If yes, then tell them jOin the lucky draw fOr win the Nokia C3. At last, real wOrking hOur is 5.30-8pm, nO need prOmOte Or hard sales. haha. Easy jOb right? But, my tOe is pain cause the stupid shOe :( 
UnifOrm size toO big =.=

our booth
After end the jOb, we're super hungry, rush to HometOwn steambOat take Our dinner, yummy tOm yam sOup :D 
 this one is free :P

The mOst impOrtant is, I like and can wOrking with my babes :D When next rOund? hehe

05 June 2011

ZOuk night

Actually I tOtally dOn't knOw is gO zOuk, I thrOugh gOing G6, sO we all dresscOde wear just shOrt pant + Sleeveless Only, and pure face withOut any make up, look CHILD right =.=? (And we're damn rush tO there, last minute) Really strict, we was kicked up by bOuncer cause belOw 21 years Old, hahaha that time still felt happy cOz I hOpe wanna back hOme after seen other hOt chick dresscOde cOmpare with us :\ Finally can pass intO inside after tried secOnd time. Alright, get sensibleness this club what they said Clubber must gO? Ermm, actually nOt fun at all :( maybe the gang I felt stranger cant enjOy, music cant raise me up, just stand at there watching professional dancer perfOrmance, weevit~ Lucky have 2 sista beside me, I think already wOrth, cOz I like the time with yOu twO^^ hahaha

*what a speechless sat night, huh?

"Give me everything" sOng Of tOnight:

Don’t care what they say,  All the games they play
Nothing is enough Till they handle love (Lets do it tonight)
I want you tonight, I want you today I want you tonight
Grab somebody sexy tell ‘em hey, Give me everything tonight

01 June 2011

Sam Farewell Party

Recently nOt enOugh time fOr sleep, I alsO dOnt knOw what I'm busyING? :(
Well, back tO Our tOpid, tOnight simply celebrated farewell party fOr Sam at Market place club (friday is gay pub) had abit disappOinted cause just have few custOmer, Din't meet any 'GaY' ppl :( We just drink beer, chitchat and then back hOme, but I dOn't really like drink the beer, cause alOt gas lead my stOmach feeling nOt well. But we still have fun, sOme my friend was drunk and make sOmething let me laugh xD
Of cOurse taken pics too↘

Ji Mui gang
The only boy whose have 'Eason chan' hair is Sam

When reach hOme already felt dizzy and sleepy, but still need rush my tutOrial questiOn, and lOt assignment, aiksss~ :(

Sam, wish yOu all the best in singapOre ya, Bon voyage*