14 September 2012

Kedah Penang Trip@Day4

Good morning everyone. Last day stay at Kedah, where we gonna go? We take a breakfast and try the unique local kedah food -- Laksa porridge. A very different taste, look like spicy porridge? But I like it, it very suitable the cloudy weather.

Ok, after take our breakfast, depart to Glass temple again due to first day we're failed to visit. As you can see in the pic,  the temple building is build by glass bottles, unique and cool!

 Actually this is a toilet door, hahaha

 Pro photographer that under sun to take pic

they said really need to train my Jump skill! I look like shoot the hair ads, LOL

nice jump shoot!

After that, we went to Alor Star Mall just for watching movie -- Kepong Gangster. Support our local movie! LOL

After finished the movie, take lunch at 华佗馆:

 Paddy field

We back to Nikki house again to take our stuff and wen to Penang meet Yin Ai bf and together wen to Tambun to take our seafood Dinner.

We're going back to KL after the delicious dinner. End of north Malaysia trip and Say byebye to Kedah and Penang! 

13 September 2012

Kedah-Penang Trip@Day3

Good morning! I'm the last person woke up in the morning after yesterday crazy and pillow talk night with them. ( ̄▽ ̄@) *Fui Meng group are leaved for continue their another trip - Cameron Highland.

Today we gonna visit the Penang popurlar place, cause we're really no have idea where we gonna to go, hahaha(╯▽╰)
Today outfit look
First time wear this light blue pants, actually i planned to ban my hair
like korean - Roly Poly? ~(3)~

At last, we're decided went to Kek Lok Si temple and before it we took a brunch of famous Penang food that down of the hill. Taste is not bad.~( ̄▽ ̄)~
Lam Mee

Asam Laksa


Here we are! Lazy to climb hill so we drive the car and direct reach here.  Wow~ the air is fresh and peace mood.*_*
Penang View

must taken photo with my friend - MeiYee <(oo,)o ngek ngek

 Kuan Yin Statue


 Get inside the temple and make a wish. 

 May the dream come true and healthy be with me and family all the time

 I'm the one ?

Taken some of the 'crazy' photo :

Take by cable car to down the hill.

Again the 'crazy' photo. I love it so much

 she acting old school photo pose (__)

We missed the Toy musuem! Next time have chance must try to visit? haha
After we bought the souvenirs and sent Cheryll and Neslo to bus station back to KL (they have working at tomorrow) We continue our trip. Here is Love lane street- a sense of nostalgia of unique architectural and cultural.

 Have a rest and high tea at this unique and ancient design cafe

 6th mural of drawing

 and this creative mural of drawing

Love lock shop.

love lock chain

Nice concept- purchase 2 scoop of ice-cream and get 3 key and 1 lock

 She are serious design our love lock and key( ̄︶ ̄)

Found our key? the colorful key <( ̄︶ ̄)>

We're here again, for photo shooting the whole mural of drawing.

LIM family pic

 The last and largest mural of drawing!

We're complete our mission for found out 8 mural of drawing in these 2 days. And we came famous Green House (Jalan Mandalay) for our dinner.

 Dim sum

 Hokkien Mee

 Lo Mee

Mixed (Hokkien + Lo Mee) delicious, have chance must try it<("""O""")>

end the post by this peace pic

Relax day at Penang. We're back to Kedah after dinner. Tomorrow will visit Kedah again! Why some of us wear the spec all the day? Answer is -- We lazy to makeup in today! LOL(′▽`)

End of Day3.