30 September 2010

tv shooting day

7am-5pm inside Envie ClublOunge

yap,but i'm nOt clubbing, just went there fOr wOrking
be a extra talent(tv shoOting)
dresscOde is clubbing,act like clubbing

accOmpany my frenz wOrk, Yau~
easy jOb, but sienz & felt sleepy (>,<)o
many lenglui there,knew new frenz =)
cOz mOrning lazy make up,simple make up here

BUT!! many gal said me similiar wit YAUYAU
nOt my fren, is tat taiwan famous girls,

where gOt la,( ̄口 ̄)!!
aduh~she mOre cute & 'BIGGEST'
LOL~izzit i need be prOud?

29 September 2010

shOpping day♥

yea, shopping wif cOusin again
my favOrite, lOng time didn shOpping
lunch is sushi king again ○(* ̄︶ ̄*)○

member day On next mOnth, yahoO~^^
when reach back,rainning
sO dinner : tOmyam steamboat again
funny lar, haha~( ̄▽ ̄)~( ̄▽ ̄)~
tOday bOught alOt,favOrite meat

quite satified tOday O(∩_∩)O

enrich day♥

look holiday haven end for me
althrough start new sem <( ̄ c ̄)y▂ξ
went tO WUQIREN play game

celebrated CHERYLLbabes belated bufday wit all babe
lOng time nO meet,the feel still same,( ̄︶ ̄)↗
still lOve yOu all (yerr~ >,<)

like the mOment wit yOu all♥
secOnd rOund went tO setiawangsa JuscO
Sushi King,my favOrite ♥ O(∩_∩)O

2 shapO =X ,,haha
then accOmpany them went tO club,

just at there watched them swim (=.=)o
last round take dinner steambOat
wit my anOther gang Of sis^^
nice~my favOrite toO♥
yea, enrich day =)

27 September 2010

27 sept

mOrning went tO KLCC playgrOund shoOting,
play play wif fren O(∩_∩)O
enjOy,but my skin becOme mOre dark ( ̄▽ ̄@)

pic will uplOad soOn^^
after that went tO PJ interview jOb,
knew 4 pretty gals there ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿
WHAT? shOw gal (o.O)?
wrOng infOrmatiOn again,
izzit lucky didn selected?
nO need wear high heel whOle day,
but need find jOb fOr tis week (>,<)

24 September 2010

Genting Highland♥

almOst 1year didn gO Genting
in my memOry,Genting is my favOrite
& happy time wif family when i was yOung =)

tis time went again wif my family & YauSis
tis year mid-autumn festival,
hOw celebrate?
just dinner wif family at Genting
but enOugh fOr me <( ̄︶ ̄)/

I ❤ my family (sis dint fOllOw >,<)

watched magic shOw,nOt reli nice =\

see, Sleeping Beauty (#-.-)/r
went tO there just rest & relax
sure, capture alOt Of pic\(≧▽≦)/
Belated say : Happy Mid-Autumn Festival O(∩_∩)O

loOk like eating SHIT,haha╭(﹊∩∩﹊#)╮

see my behind o(=.=")o

*make a wish*

play the cOlOur ~( ̄▽ ̄)~

cOntinue On next day,

i like my make up,loOk punk (o.O)? hehe

i ❤ ice-cream^^

loOk tall? but actually I am =)

coOl ^^


wif YauSis =)

see, yOur smile is beautiful, keep it On always k?
dOn think toO much >,<
thx help me 'shoOting' & accOmpany me =)
like the pilOt talk at night,
frenzship = Endless
lOve ya~♥