25 November 2010

RainbOw Gathering

22 Nov 2010
RainbOw laO pO full member gathering at Feeling cafe
<( ̄︶ ̄)/<( ̄︶ ̄)/<( ̄︶ ̄)/
we really changed a lOt,(pls call us lady xD)
Chit chat~still 'lady tOpic' hehe
laOpO *7 ╮(╯◇╰)╭

17 November 2010


tOnite,we went tO cheras hOt pOt

nice ambience,high quality food

Lavazzar coOler *special drink,try it!

spice fried Fish@Chip with curry cheese mayo

Chicken Maryland with mushed potatoes

Classic CarbOnara *deliciOus

Chunky Tuna PestO tOmatO
many special designer cake there,

Why nOt hellO kitty?

barbie dOll

but we loOk nOt moOd at all
izzit we take a wrOng place seat?
(feng shui nOt goOd~)
leave and find anOther place,
finally yamcha at cOla club
chit chat until we satisfied,
just willing back hOme, keke

Friendship = Endless
LOve ya~♥
nice day,I felt full & satisfied
apperceptiOn sOme Of myself
I'll try, althOugh tis is nOt easy.
Cheer up fOr me and my babes

*less pic taken tOday ><

11 November 2010

June bufday

after class went tO chili's KLCC
take dinner tO celebrated
June bufday

wit all DEM3 gals classmate
full & had a happy mOment =D

10 November 2010


keep repeating this sOng listen nOw
amazing vOice,like her~
meaningful lyrics,
describes my current heart vOice perfectly

I just wanna be ∞HAPPY

09 November 2010

Sushi Zanmai♥

I already becOme Sushi Zanmai super Fans★
since tOday went tO lOw yat
as my lunch with my babes

Japan feel~

yOu alsO attracted by it rite?
super deliciOus~YI JI BANG~>,<
rate : ★★★★★
have chance must gO try ya =)

my babes,
we lOng time didnt capture tOgether rite? =\
We went tO fahrenheit awhile,nOthing can buy
dOnt knOw why, many peOple crOwed there =.=

silly Mary & me xD
back hOme first by bus wit NeslObabes
she sO nOty ;D

i keep eat eat eat tis few day
see,my face bump like balloOn TT__TT