30 April 2011



瓜子脸 o.O? muahahahaha


28 April 2011

Enrich day

HellO peeps, enrich day mean I keep 'run' whOle day at Outside? hahaha x)
Firsly went tO sunway damansara casting and interview. Chance Of casting is lOwest but alsO get goOd experience when acting facial expression, speechless =.= (better than I stay at hOme) with my lOvely sista, they did well ;)
*hOw can without pics ? xD

After than rushed tO time square met my cOusin bObO, just shOpping awhile and take the dinner tOgether. Blah blah blah~

Third rOund, went tO mOnt kiara yam cha and I try drink the beer Kilkenny, nOt bad :)
and my friend taught and tOld me a lOt, thanks fOr it.
*I get a new mind*
...new life?

27 April 2011

CoOking day@Western Lunch

Yeah~ coOking day again, but just 5 baObei attend only since other was busy and back hOmetOwn. This time different with last time. tOpic tOday is Western lunch, simple but yummy :)
Let share with you all the pics of foOd and the chef ^^

First Chef, she first time coOking and fry the LOVE Nugget. *Clap hand*

SecOnd chef, she alsO first time coOking, Western PotatO Cream SOup. First time coOk and successful. *Clap big hand*

Third Chef whose always said she get 'little chef hOnor when childhoOd time' 
but seriOusly, this Western Tuna Toast Bread really niceee *BravO*

Last chef tOday, Western Spaghetti Bolognaise, really like it sO much. *Excellent*

where mine? cause I'm lated, sO my respOnsibility just eat and wash plate :(
but I think I'm the most lucky one, no need cook then can eat the deliciOus western lunch foOd Of full lOve.^^

Oophs, you must try it just knOw hOw deliciOus it are.
Other baObei, dOn't jealOus ya. muahahaha

And we watched the lame + 'funny' SCARY MOVIE  together. but sOmeOne keep laugh =.=

After mOvie, we went tO Starbucks enjo a half price Frappuccino blended beverage durng Happy hOur. 
Blah blah blah~ 



24 April 2011

Day Of QVR

TOday hang Out with Bro Ronson and Vivian whose are wOrked tOgether last two year ago. I think we're almOst 2year din't meet up. Finally, yeah~ yam cha, chitchat, cheOng K again :)
I'm still enjOying and like the time chitchat with you two, blah blah blah~ and felt happy cause they praise me slim alOt than befOre, muahaha xD

Pic time^^

Bro, whose are always realize and suppOrt we twO, TQ. Future rich man :)
Vivian, future tOp hairstylist, gambateh^^
VampireQi, dOnt give up, just keep it On whatever yOu like :D

22 April 2011





約一個下雨天到街上走一走 看一部老電影 等人都散去以後
才發現我眼淚在流 不瞞你說 還有那麼一點點痛
穿一件你那年送給我的長袖 雖然有點厚重 在剛入秋的午後
但發現我還有感動 幸好那一點點的想念 我早就看懂

明天以後 若再次相遇在某個街頭
不要問我 當初離開你是什麼理由
一句問候 對我來說也太多
倒不如低著頭從我背後經過 別叫我

轉身以後 我不想知道你牽誰的手
不要管我 過的好不好就 請你也祝福我
你的回眸 已不能安慰我
還你微笑 是我不甘示弱


一份爱会出现裂痕 两个人都要负责任
有些成长 来自承认我终于挣脱缘与恨(此两句可能不准)
年轻总喜欢去争论 要别人照我的剧本
满身伤痕 才知道悲哀是互不信任
不在乎的眼神 内心悄悄破损
在午夜的十分 被一个梦给拆穿没忘记那个人

我试着让生活变得简单 对生活或寂寞顺其自然
偶尔傻傻孤单 偶尔傻傻浪漫
不想再背负太多期盼 对好奇或关心顺其自然
只是那点不安 只是那点心酸 总会忽然扩散
让心有理由茫然 希望有人陪伴

每一次记忆的翻腾 既美好也残忍。
思念让旧情有余温 将我困在早应该要离开的空城

Updated another 3 pOst.
Jac Birthday party
Sungkai trip
Crazy Day

21 April 2011

Crazy day

TOday is a crazy day for me. Why? First is I eat nOn-stOp.
Breakfast> KFC
Lunch>Pizza Hut
Dinner>Sushi Zanmai
my belly becOme big and big T.T (usually day I just eat one or two time only == )

mOrning follOw my sista bOey car went tO her Tayloy cOllege watched her perfOrmance drama. First time I went tO there, but I think more like a shOpping Centre. A great perfOrmance, tOpic is abOut psychOlOgy and Malaysia cultural, funnny and meaningful. *Clap hand*

Then we going tO One Utama watched Red Riding HoOd mOvie with my Yau and Boey sista.
I like the stOry, audience need guess whO is the werewOlf?

SecOnd crazy thing is, we decided plan tO clubbing tOnight. Yea, just our 3 gals. Okay, after dOne prepared, simply wear and make up straight gOing tO there. We just plan gO inside listen msic and enjOy the envirOnment and then back hOme. Unlucky, we find the club arOund 1 hOur, cant reach the destinatiOn. Bring the disappOinted moOd back hOme. =(

It's okay, I like the time we 3 tOgether, enjOy and happy. hahaha.
*toO rush fOrgOt take pic, aikss~

19 April 2011

Sungkai trip

Did you hear / know Sungkai, Perak this place? Yea, we're cOming with my lOvely baObeimen, ying bf, and shan sis. =) But, unlucky, I can't play water with them, just at there seek they enjOy T.T

little water angel 
Egg boiling by use the hOt spring, taste nice :D

Hot spring area
 dOing spa? LOL
Group pic*

After that, went tO NOng and Jimmy Thai reataurant, Ampang take our dinner. I like the taste tOm yam sOup mOst :)

Just simply celebration with yIng laOpO belated birthday. hOpe yOu dOnt mind, I think the time we tOgether already is a happy time jOr. hahaha

18 April 2011

Ying laOpO bufday@steambOat

Belated celebratiOn Ying laOpO birthday cause the bodoh exam =.=" This time steamboat at Sherrine hOuse, althOugh its is simple but felt warm family feel when we tOgether ;) and I eat full until my belly wanna boOm~ hahaha

dessert ^^
I like the cheese cake most x)

RainbOw sis
Ying laOpO, belated happy birthday again :) 
Wish yOur dream may cOme true, be a tOp unique photographer lady k, I willing be your mOdel :P muahahaha~ Stay pretties,Healthy and HAPPY ^^
LOve ya, muackssssx~ 

17 April 2011

Jacqualine Birthday party

After finished wOrk, me and MiyakO straight went tO Jac hOuse attend her birthday party. And I think this 20's Birthday is unfOrgettable fOr her, why? let see the pic I share ;)
Birthday cake has many 'bOmb' hahaha
make a wish, yOur wish already becOme true ^^
Yea, her bf purpOse tO her. hOw abOut her answer?
I alsO nO sure, but I think goOd news is near ^^
we're happy for this ending tOday, TOUCHING~ xD

Jac, Happy Birthday ya.
Wish your life is all about happiness only, (your dream already cOme ture?) Stay pretties,healthy and Happy k. I must want be a Ji mui sister that day ,kaka xD
lOve ya, muacksss~