20 July 2012


T.G.I.F Hangout with my baobei men for relax after rushed and completed all suffer assignment or presentation. Someone wanna eat the famous curry puff and hot dog, that's why we went to IKEA take brunch and window shopping. LOL

 the colorful wallpaper 

 the hotdog, add on the sauce by ourself

 famous Curry Puff, its delicious

See, we're enjoying our meal 

After that, go into IKEA for windows shopping. Inside have lot of creative interior design.
How I wish I have those kind of wardrobe that can put huge of cloth, bad and high heel, all room is like fashion show room, I think this is every girl dream, not only me.

 Have a little kid here, LOL

We went to Merienda Da Eva for high tea.

 Cheese cake

lazily face

And we together watched the "The Dark Knight Rises" movie for 3 hour. Nice movie, I like Cat women.
Rest is to prepare for the long journey ahead. 

03 July 2012

Forever 21st Birthday

Belated post again, I just feel don't wanna admit but in fact, now that I have turned 21st. Time ignore me, or I forgot to follow? How could I descriptive the feeling? Everyone will put high expecting into their unique big day, but exclude legal year, I don't think have any change of it? So, I just passed my big day with simple dinner at night. Thanks for my laopo men, even they are busier and they still spend the time for celebrate my birthday at actual day. Tonight is full moon, don't know why, I like full moon :)

Dear Vampire, Happy Birthday

Chosen Never Mine bar as our venue which located at Changkat road, is my very first time went to there for a drink.

We're order some food and drink, taste not bad.

Camwhole with my laopo men

act crazy LOL

I know their just don't let me be alone at tonight, my family was not seen important the birthday. Boyfriend? live at my future. Sound sad right? But think positive, actually I have possess lot, even my family member not beside me, but I always knew that they are loves me, always do. For sure, my pretty gang of baobei, laopo, jimui, sista and friend always be my side. I am blessed to have these awesome people in my life.  I look like do nothing on my past 21 years. Live my life until MAX yo

Hello 21st, I gonna make you the best year!