11 March 2011

Redang Island Summer Trip

YohoO~ 3days 2 night Redang Island Summer Trip we are long awaited, finally we gOt it.~()~()~ Only 10 babes gal attend. HOw the trip? sure FUN! My skin becOme dark cOlOr, I think need use 1year just can turn back white skin wanted #(┬_┬)and we met sOme unlucky thing, but I think all is wOrth. It really is a unfOrgettable and enjOyable trip.O(_)O

8 March 2011
First day at mOrning went tO LCCT take the aerOplane, cause the luggage prOblem we nearly miss the plane, I still remember that time we felt quite wOrries and run tO catch the plane. Lucky at last minute catch up. (_")But cause the bad weather let us delayed and swayed let us uncOmfOrtable felt dizzy.
This is my first time take flight plane, but is the worst experienced .┐(─__─)┌

nOt Only that, we toOk the bOat alsO swaying like hell, cause is heavy rainy, make us all moOd dOwn. Aikss~ψ(_

By the way, we're safely reach Laguna resOrt.

We're super hungry, take the buffet lunch first.

see my face, EnjOy-ING my lunch hahaha

Evening, the rain stopped already, gOing tO seaside play ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

And the swmming poOl at Our resOrt.

After bath, having Our dinner BBQ buffet.

After dinner, we early back hOtel rest cause we're tired. That all Our first day, waste right? ()︿()

9 March 2011
Thanks GOD because the goOd weather tOday. After having Our rich breakfast, start the snOrkeling activity.<( ̄︶ ̄)/<( ̄︶ ̄)/<( ̄︶ ̄)/

Going tO Marine park.

Yea, we're swimming and snOrkeling with the fish. Firstly I was scare the fish, but It is Okay, they wOnt attack yOu. It was a Great experience.<( ̄︶ ̄)/ loOk the pic, how actived and excited we'are. hahaha

Its ME (I also cant recOgnize myself =.=)
Real nemO^^

little sea turtle cuteee

Back tO redang beach take lunch, and sure, picture time︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿
Really dOn't know hOw tO describe the beach view. Beautiful? Paradise?


Turn back tO deep sea snOrkeling. nO much fish can see, just can see the Big COral. When On the way Back tO hOtel, the bOat was brOke dOwn╭( ̄m*)hOw 'lucky' we are~

Night time, cant miss anytime tO capture pic ~()~ lalala~

drink beer when walking at beach night ;P

We're felt satisfied and enjOyed at this day. I still remember at night we all layed at seaside chair hearing the sea sOund, feel the sea breeze, stargazing and close the eye tO enjOy all the feel of Redang beach. BravO

10 March 2011
Last day at there, hOw much I don't willing back.(∩∩#) Early wOke up plan tO watch the sunrise, but the dark clouds cOver the sun, aikss~ Never mind, still can felt the mOrning wOrld at Redang beach<( ̄︶ ̄)>
After taken last breaksfast at there, Turn Bikini time. Just we 4 dare tO wear. Oh my goOdness, don't know why how brave I had that time, Even my body shape not nice, still dare to wear.(=.=) hahaha. Sorry I nOt dare pOst tO public share the picture Of bikini. ThOse pic I just keep fOr myself ;P

*Dang dang~ picture shoOting time  \( ̄︶ ̄)

nOn-stOp pic appear ^^ 

like this

Time fOr checked Out, But Out plane flight at 9:45pm. So, we visited Kuala Terrenganu China TOwn befOre leave.

take lunch at here, NyOnya restOrant
nOt bad =)
Our new friend, 'Ah Hua' ^^

We bring the quite tired bOdy back and reach hOme arOund 12am. This time we capture 1000++ picture Great jOb (′`)(′`) I lOve this trip sO much, awesOme and BravO trip. If have chance yOu shOuld gO, but impOrtant is gO with whO ;P
Until nOw, I still miss there badly, next year aim anOther beach travel, may be Pattaya Or Bali Island? hahaha

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