27 November 2011

Nike@We Run KL 10K

If yOu ask me why jOin this event? I alsO dOn't knOw cause I really dOn't like exercise Or jOgging, this loOk like the suffer thing fOr me. <( ^)θθ( >_<) This time, I jOin cause just fOr fun, enjOy the teenager life ~()~ 

COnclusiOn, it was a meaningful event and gave me anOther great experienced. In fact, I just used WALK fOr KL 10KM, nOt run! hahaha walk arOund 2 hOur fOr 10KM cause my bOdy is quite weak ○( ̄﹏ ̄)○ Anyway, we're enjOy-ed! Next time I want jOin again, RM20 for register jOin this event, free T-shirt, bOttle, sOuvenir... tOtally wOrth <( ̄︶ ̄)/

Nike@We Run KL 10K is FUN , YOUNG and ROCK!

Picx time

We reach there arOund 6am, nOthing tO dO, sO pic pic pic O(_)O
 (I want jump alsO >.<)

 the cute cOuple ^^
 we're cute alsO xD

 Oh my goOdness! yOu guess hOw many peOple here? loOk like a cOncert Or cOuntdOwn event! lOt Of runner here! We're waiting 7am tO start and challenging run KL 10K<( ̄︶ ̄)/<( ̄︶ ̄)/<( ̄︶ ̄)/ yahoo~

 Let's start RUN!
 Run! Buddy , RUN tOgether
 That was easy, wasn't it? LOL
 Free 100plus beverage!
 have traditiOnal band encOurage us! 

 Dang Dang~~
 YahoO! We did it!!┌(‵▽′)!┌(‵▽′)!┌(‵▽′)!┌(‵▽′)!┌(‵▽′)
WoO la la MissiOn Complete ^^

 DJ rap and rOck!
 Free Ice-cream^^
 Free phOtO

 drink water must use this way!    (said by 26214) wOw~)/
sOuvenir : Nike pendrive

See yOu there next time^^

26 November 2011

Diploma ConvOcatiOn

Oh Yeah I'm graduated! \(▽≦)/
That day situation was confusiOn. I was nervOus  ̄﹏ ̄ cause I haven get the shirt frOm my friend and we need prepare gO inside hall. At last, lucky all was settled. We all sat at hall waiting to take the diploma cert. Around 1 hour and half was finished the convocation. 
Sure, we leave the hall and take the pics with family and friend. 
Just wanna share Out the picx <( ̄︶ ̄)>

So funny, I take the camera and met who and take pic with them ↘ ~()~

My family cant attend, lucky my relative cOme my cOusin cOnvO, they alsO cOme suppOrt me. And thanks for my JiMui cOme <( ̄︶ ̄)/ 
(Never mind, still have the degree cOnvOcatiOn ^^ )

LOt Of peOple crOwd at there, HOT!

We mOve tO field <( c)yξ

 look right
look up

Woo La La~! thrOw it all! We're successful diplOma graduated! Congtraz O(_)O
After throw↘  (Dang Dang ( ̄▽ ̄@))
 Behind scene(many camera man :D )

DEM 3 ROCK! Felt glad you all be with me in college life Of Diploma within these 3 years.
Thank You and appreciate it The happy memOries will always On my mind.

*Don worry babe, we dint forget you, you are not alone, cause you always on our mind and stay with us^^ muackssx♥