30 May 2012

Segamat One Day Trip

I had been at here again! Last month came here is for college workshop, and today our main purpose is to visit Segamat (my friend hometown), play, drink and be merry. \(≧▽≦)/LOL They promise if we're go to their hometown, they will provide all for us, and gathering too. After few years ago, we really did it on today. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

Take our breakfast at Subway

 Healthy breakfast

 Pure face that I just dare to show my teeth ε( ̄□ ̄)3||

After 3 hour more, we're safely reach Segamat, Johor at 2pm. The first station is went to Johor campus college to college some mushroom stuff for my project. LOL
Next station accompany them to Salon for cutting their hair.

We're boring and keep playing Temple Run. LOL

They hair style before and after pic..

After take our dinner at restaurant, went to Dream world to sing K. I think I'm sing K queen at that time, keep sing and shout! LOL\(__)/

 Playing some game, punishment is drink the beer! 

 See them is enjoy the sing K time and dancing too



Steamboat as supper! I just keep eat non-stop. gain 3kg!#(┬_┬)By the way, the taste is nice.

Chit-chat until 2am. We bought 2.40am train to back KL. But the stupid train delay 2hour! In the end, 8am more just reach KL! Suffer for sleeping in train. I wont take train again.(╯‵□′)╯︵ ┴─┴

One day trip was flied fast. Thanks for my friend take off from Singapore and take care well us. Although we're exhausted for this, but we still enjoy the day we had been together and when is next turn?*_*

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