20 February 2012

Chervonne 21st Birthday Celebration

What is the plans for tease the birthday girl on this time? Kekeke (devil smile~(3)~()
*Actually we lack of idea, anyone willing to provide? Pm me ya^^

Prettiest Princess

First, we're lie her that we go to Melacca one day trip. She never doubt and dress up nicely, but at fact we're pick up her to Titiwangsa  playground do a morning exercise and dance. Healthy activities right?(′▽`)(′▽`)
*dance video is not available to share

After around 30min, this activities was cancel cause started to rain. ε( ̄□ ̄)3|| We're moved to inside and let the Birthday gal open the gift prepared by us. (Total have 21 item gift, just one is main gift, other? keke) 

You can imagination the  ( ̄▽ ̄@)  at her face emotions? hoho

Sticky Note Game
Stick the note on whole body and follow music shake and dance for drop off the stick without use the hand. It's fun ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

After had our brunch, continue moved on to the next station : Desa WaterPark for a splashing good time. But,  I hate sunburn and sunkissed skin!!! #(┬_┬)!

Due to weekdays, half of the facilities was closed. Arggh~  ╭( ̄m*)
Never mind, we're always enjoyING ourself anytime, anywhere. LOL

Is dinner time! We went to full of garden feel restaurant to having our dinner.

Oh ya, we also exchanged the belated valentine gift

For sure, cake time celebration, sing a birthday song and pic time

The happy time together we've been spending  ( ̄︶ ̄)

Happy Birthday Chervonne Bibi,
Don't worry, your wish sure come true^^ Always stay leng leng and happy
love ya, muackssssx 

13 February 2012

VampireQi@Brace Girl Story

至今还是有点难以置信,我不再是“牙套妹”了! 正式宣布摆脱牙套一族,结束了1年8个月的牙套生涯。I'm still unbelievable that I'm not a Brace gal anymore, one year 8 month of the brace life was End.

回想起来,还是有点不可思议,我从未后悔过,并很自豪当初自己坚持下的决定,这也改变了我的一生?Thinking it back, it was so unimaginable, I never regret the decision that I was made and I was feel proud the right decision was changed my life.

牙齿矫正算是整形吗?无可否认,矫正后无疑变得更漂亮以外,笑起来的自信气息更是无敌!让我们回顾这神奇的过程吧。Orthodontic is a plastic? Undeniably, orthodontic can become more prettier and having a more confident of smile to show off. Let's us review back this magic process. :)

Goodbye and thanks for helping me become prettier within 607 days.

The pic before braces, the smile without show the teeth.

我的虎牙还可以这样,Vampire 这别名也是因为这取的,现在还真有点怀念
This is the reason why I called Vampire, and right now I miss it badly :\

My peer friend was praise my teeth was unique and I think so at that time. Never imaging that I will become a brace girls and started disgusted that I proud the "unique" teeth I had.

Dental wax of the teeth before I braces. I was shocked and I should braces the teeth when I was kids. After view this pic, do you still think my teeth is unique and cute?

16th June 2010 is the first day I become a brace girls.

Actually this is not really painful that you imagination.

Ulcer, tooth extraction, tooth transplanting, weak in bite the food, that all just will feel painful at beginning when brace, after that will habit and less pain anymore. (>,<)

Swollen mouth! I no dare to smile to show the braces ugly teeth, scare they think I'm a monster.

Just a few month, tooth transplanting is smoothly and tidy. Amazing right?

And now, I need to wear the retainer every night when sleeping.

总结朋友们常问的问题,答案根据我的经验和感受而回答。Summarize the FAQ that my friend often ask me. The answer was based on myself experience and feeling.

1. 需要矫正牙齿多久?How long of the orthodontic?
牙医说我的情况需要大约一年半的时间。Based on my case, dentist said it need around 1 year 6 month.

2. 费用是多少?How much does it costs?
由于是私人诊所,总费用是RM 4500。可分期付款。首期大约先给RM 1500,之后每一月半回去复诊再给RM 300费用。Due to private dental, total cost RM 4500 ( including extraction, treatment, scaling, retainer and brush.) , first phrase need pay RM 1500, after that every one month and half need pay RM 300 through the installment payment.

3. 会痛吗?Does it pain?
刚开始会有点痛。A bit painful at the begin.

4. 那一间牙医所?Which dental you chosen?
靠近我家的GK。Near my house, Genting Klang, Setapak, KL.

*5. 还有多久可以拆牙套?When can take out the braces?
视当时情况回答。Answer based on the situation.

Total used 1 years 8 month, finally took the brace out, and now consider to bleach the teeth. 

All above answer and comment is based on my experienced and feeling, differ people will have a different case and feeling. Just for share.

昂贵的费用+绑牙时的疼痛+短期难看的牙套妹造型=永久性的整齐牙齿。相信我,这一切绝对是值得的。Expensive fee+painful+temporary ugly brace look = having permanent awesome teeth. Trust me, this is Worth!

After braces, my teeth was so awesome, I having a confident smiley! 
I will always smiley widely and proudly.

*You can leave a comment praise I'm charm, gorgeous, elegant.... xD
Oh yeah~ I sexy and I know it

Choo Dental Surgery  朱牙医务所
Monday-Friday : 9am-6.30pm
Saturday :9am-6.30pm
Sunday & Public holiday :Closed

1st Floor, 18-1, Jalan 3/50C, 
Taman Setapak Indah Jaya, 
Off Jalan Genting Kelang, 
Setapak 53300, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 03-4022 5397

If you're interest, you can make a call to booking ask any information before walk in, the consultant fee around RM25. Good luck :)

08 February 2012

Day Of I-city

这I-city 一日游,又增添了不少回忆和照片 :)


 这是我们在网上购买的coupon: 雪屋+摩天轮+kfc一餐=RM33!  物超所值吧?




有那么美的夕阳当背景,先来搞怪连拍照片吧 :)







我们乘坐的车,有音乐的伴奏,带你游览I-city风景。可惜价钱太贵 >,<


 今天玩得很开心。老土又真心的一句话作为总结 xD
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