10 February 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Happy CNY! 恭喜发财

Seriously, I don't like special day such as CNY or Christmas. This year same as last year, I no visit any relative due to my mom and bro no at KL, and most important is my hometown is KL! Some of my friend was celebrating with their lovely family. My house no have the CNY feel ever, I have nothing to do and I no idea where can I go during CNY. Sound sad right? Lucky that I can hang out with some friend to kill the time. I just went to I-city with friend in 1 week during CNY (will update soon) Therefore, I be a PIG in house. Sleep-Eat-TV-Game. 

I had been  put the sky wish lattern to wish dream come true, all will be alright. Hopefully negative mood stay me away, Lucky and happiness around my friend and family all the time.

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